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The EP
Now Available!

Love Don't Love: The Terria Lewis Story

Coming March 2022 premieres in Phoenix, AZ

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"Always Keep a 9 on me, Like I'm Rondo, Niccas Pussy try to play you like a side hoe"

                                   -TaeDoe Baby


TaeDoe Baby

Terria Lewis, who goes by the professional moniker, TaeDoe Baby is a Detroit, MI native hip-hop artist and entertainer. TaeDoe Baby, a name derived from her former stage name Baby T, was created to give meaning to Terria’s new discovery to personal knowledge of self. Having a clear understanding of who she had become and why gave reason for TaeDoe Baby’s existence. Her self-written lyrics partnered with musical compositions that allow her to share her life’s story is imperative for her success! TaeDoe baby, introduced in 2015, giving life to real circumstances and trials via her music, sharing her ability to overcome the unthinkable. Being raised in the industry since age 2, and then to be groomed by the late legendary Hip-Hop Icon DMX not only gives Tae an edge, yet also, the education that she possesses from witnessing and participating in greatness! Her melodic, yet aggressive flow is full of energy and sincerity! In addition, she is consistent when exerting the pain & excitement she endures by selectively knowing when and how to emphasize and/or place words on the track. TaeDoe baby, a vet on the music and acting scene since 2003, is a force in which to be reckoned with.


In 2020 TaeDoe Baby released her Title track to her new EP “Love Don’t Love”, a song inspired by a few heartbreaks, disappointments and the ability to move on is also the Title of her new Docu-film soon to release in 2022. “Love Don’t Love: The Terria Lewis Story” utilizes TaeDoe Baby’s music, interviews and more to express her life experiences while getting an up-close look at the entertainers drive to success!

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